Hair fibers


  • Hair volumizer created by Vidal Force, 2 years of development in Spain to create these unbeatable fibers. Compose of 99% pure Cotton
  • New, smaller, lighter, with better hair color, for a more natural and surprising effect
  • More resistant to wind, water and perspiration

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RECOVER HAIR in 30 SECONDS - 500,000 hairs are 5 times more than100,000 hairs; that is how Vidal Force works. Its exclusive cotton nanoparticles adhere to hair,

volumizing it and eliminating baldness. This technology multiplies the hair in a particular area by 5. The result is the appearance of fuller hair. Where there is practically no hair, nanoparticles accumulate from the scalp upward, creating artificial hair. 100% dermatological, its technology is natural and pure. VIDAL FORCE replaces the keratin that may damage hair and accelerate its loss, filtering into the pores of the scalp. The cotton respects the follicle, allowing it the necessary oxygen for normal development, with the only 100% natural technology. Composed of 99.00% pure cotton. The cotton replaces keratin as a more effective and healthy product. The cotton nanoparticles respect the pore of the follicle and do not impede hair growth. Its composition is 100% dermatologic, allows perspiration, and does not congest the pore. Tested by the most demanding cosmetic monitoring, and exceeding the strictest national and international quality controls (ISO 22716:2007)


 Technology VIDAL FORCE allows using any fixing spray for the hair. Ensure that the spray leaves no residues; if the finishing is natural and soft, it may be used daily. For to remove particles from hair, simply wash as usual. Daily use of this volumizer has no side effects thanks to the latest technology of 100% natural VIDAL FORCE cotton particles. If the product falls on your clothing during application, remove it by hand with gentle patting or with a dry brush


Apply on clean, dry hair 1 FRONT Apply in the front, always two centimeters behind the root. Use very little; the excess may fall on the scalp. Practice this part. 2 CROWN Apply in the part of the crown with the help of a mirror or smartphone. Easy to apply; just practice two or three times for a perfect result. 3 FINISHING After application, gently touch the treated area, uniformly distributing the product. The result is invisible. 4 FIXING For a resistant result apply a spray fixative on the treated area. Spray over the area 2-3 times


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